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September 3, 2011

Goals for the 2012 Season

by hammonjj

Now that I’ve had a couple of weeks of training and have done my post season analysis, it’s time to make some goals.  What makes a good goal?  One that has both a time and a specific, measurable objective.  So, “go faster”, is a bad one!  Without further ado, my goals for the 2012 racing season:


Win a Race

Podium at all of my “A” Races (San Dimas Stage Race, Joe Martin Stage Race, Cascade Classic)

Top 10 at all “B” races (Callville Bay Classic, others TBD when official calendar comes out)

Upgrade to Cat 2

Gain 15 upgrade points for Cat 1

Top 10 in Colorado BAR (Best all around rider)

Podium at a time trial (I’m currently a terrible TT rider and *need* to spent some serious time in the aero position)


Increase FTP to 340 watts by Joe Martin

Increase 5 min power to over 400 watts by San Dimas

Break 1400 watt 5 sec power

After finishing the Base Period, spend one ride a week on the TT bike

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