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July 28, 2011

Weekly Update

by hammonjj

Let me first start by saying that I love training and I love racing.  With that said I can’t wait for the season to be over.  Burnout is high this time of year because many of us have been racing and training hard since last October and, for some, even earlier.  No matter how much success you have, it can be tough to make it through an entire season, but I’m pushing on.  I have most likely six (or so) more race days coming up and I plan to make the most of them.  Starting with the Salida Classic Criterium and the State Championship Road Race.

One of my main motivations, Fat Week.  Oh, you haven’t heard of Fat Week?  Let me explain!  I first heard the term from Tim Seranski and it describes the week after your season is over.  It’s a magical time when a cyclist can indulge in whatever his/her heart desires and eat all of the foods that they have been holding off on the entire season.  My first stop will be the UMC (on the University of Colorado @ Boulder Campus) for some delicious chicken tenders.  But enough about my food cravings…

As of late, my training has focused more on hard, but short workouts in order to keep my mind as fresh as possible through the end of the season and it seems to be working.  My power numbers are looking good and I’m still enjoying getting outside and training hard.  On the flip side though, this kind of training assumes that you have a solid base in order to complete some of the longer road races that you will encounter.  I’m currently a little worried about the road race this weekend specifically because of this, but, at only 52 miles, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The race starts Saturday (crit) and ends on Sunday, so wish me luck!  I’m definitely going to be suffering on the road race, but if I continue to prefrom like I have been, then I will be just fine.

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