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Unplanned Vacation…

I had a bit of a rough week, both in training and in life.  I’ve recently been through my second funeral in as many weeks, which caused me to spent 8+ hours in the car  driving to Lincoln, NE for services.  While I don’t want to compare a poor week of training to the loss of a loved one, this is a training blog and therefor I feel obligated.

During my time in Lincoln, I was severely limited in my ability to train, I only managed one training ride although, I have to admit, training just outside of Lincoln city limits is amazingly peaceful.  Beautiful rolling green hill and light traffic.  I changed up the planned ride up to a more random approach to get some much needed intensity in my legs given that I haven’t been able to race much lately.  I’d also like to shamelessly plug an app that the company I work for developer called Cycletracker Pro.  My normal training device (Garmin Edge 500) was out of commission with a broken screen, so I decided to give this app a try and was pleasantly surprised with the ease in which it sync’d with Read more »


Ups and Downs

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated everyone on my racing and I figured it’s about time for an update. It helps that I’m on a road trip to Nebraska.

Racing has been hit or miss so far. The season opened, for me, with the CU Criterium where I rolled in for a pack finish; also winning a prime. This was a great result for me as I was looking to sit in as much as possible in order to get some speed work in my legs.

The next weekend was the Oredigger Classic. This modest sounding event was a hill climb up the famous Lookout Mtn in Golden, Colorado. Sadly, I was having stomach trouble during my run up the mountain, which left me in trouble. I still managed a top 10, but was far from hitting on all cylinders. Read more »