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February 22, 2011

Weekly Update

by hammonjj

Whoa, you blink and two weeks goes by.  I apologize to all of my viewers who read my blog on a regular basis for not updating!  I just started a new job and I don’t have as much free time at work as I used to.

Things are going wonderfully.  Over the weekend I saw my tempo power go up by a good chunk.  It was so windy on Saturday that I ended up doing most of my intervals up a canyon (Lefthand Canyon, if you know the area), which has an average gradient of 3% for the majority of the climb, but does pitch up and down along the way.

My numbers this month (tempo):
2/5: 216 Watts @ 162 BPM
2/8: 215 Watts @ 161 BPM
2/12: 220 Watts @ 161 BPM
2/15: 222 Watts @ 160 BPM
2/19: 231 Watts @ 159 BPM

I’ve also noticed that my endurance pace (at 141 BPM) is sitting in the high 180’s/low 190’s as well.

I’ve also started planning my 2011 race schedule now that the BAR/BAT schedule has been posted and it’s going to be a GREAT season!  We’ve got several new road races and all of the good events of last season are making a return.  As of this moment, my BAR/BAT focus events are:

Road Race
4/10 – Mead-Roubaix Road Race
4/23 – Deer Trail Road Race
8/14 – Colorado Road Race Championship

Time Trial
l4/16 – Haystack Mtn Time Trial
6/11 – State Time Trial Championship

Hill Climb
5/22 – Boulder Hill Climb
7/2 – Horgan Hill Climb
7/23 – Mt. Evans Hill Climb

Stage Race/Omnium
5/28 – Superior Morgul Classic
6/17 – Rocky Mountain Omnium
6/25 – Dead Dog Stage Race

4/2 – Louisville Criterium
8/6 – Denver Federal Classic
8/20 – Colorado Criterium Championship

I’ll be doing quite a bit more racing than this, but these will be the events I show up “fresh” to.

Anyway, it’s time to get back to training.  I promise that I’ll post more often now that I’ve got a better handle on my new job!

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