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February 5, 2011

I’m a Tan Man

by hammonjj

Is there any sport in the world that worships their tan lines like cycling does?  I think not.  Cycling is a funny sport, one in which how “good” you are is measured by ridiculous measures like tan lines.  And, I for one, am totally entertained by this.

Go to any race, anywhere and look around at the entrants.  One of the first things you’re going to try to gauge is how fit they are and, one of the easiest ways to tell is by physical appearance.  My wife likes to describe cyclist’s skin as leathery.  It’s actually a pretty accurate measure too.  When’s the last time you saw an albino with a beer belly win?  My guess?  Never.

So, to all the cyclists out there, be proud of your tan lines!  Show them off whenever you have a chance and don’t worry about the goofy looks friends and family will give you.  Heck, walk around in your kit during the summer to try and fool the competition at your next local crit.  As Tim Srenaski, a current team mate, once told me, “Shammy time is training time!”

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