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November 26, 2010


The Road to Recovery

by hammonjj

The road to recovery is long, hard and riddled with challenges. Today was day #1. As many of my normal audience knows, I was involved in a training accident on November 2nd where I broke both my pelvis and my hip. Now 24 days later, I’ve been cleared to ride easy for the next week until I meet with the specialist to get full clearance to ride hard.

Today’s ride was an easy 30 minutes endurance spin on the trainer in my house and it was AWESOME! I hate riding on the trainer, but it felt really good to be back on the bike. I can definitely tell that it’s going to take some time to feel 100% though. After getting off my hip felt pretty sore and I can feel that I’ve lost a lot of strength in my right hip flexor.

Time to get back to work!

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  1. Lindsay Hammond
    Feb 2 2011

    You completely glossed over the fact that this accident caused your appendix to rupture- requiring an emergency appendectomy. What a trooper!


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