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October 31, 2010

Rest and Big Volume

by hammonjj

It’s been awhile since my last update and, seeing how I’m stuck on an airplane for the next several hours, I figure that it’s about time I write again.

In the last two weeks I’ve been through both my first rest week and, after this afternoon’s ride, the first week of my second big block of volume (21-24-27 hours).  Let’s just say that I enjoy the rest week more than the volume (pure endurance riding can be a little dull)!

I’m finding that the toughest part of high volume training is recovering from day to day, so I took a chance and invested in a pair of Zoot recovery tights.  The theory of these, as I underand it, is the compression is supposed to force your blood to circulate back to your heart instead of it pooling in your legs, thus reducing the amount of metabolic waste from exercise.

The verdict is still out on whether my pegs are actually less fatigued, but I can tell you that I *feel* better after wearing them for several hours (my legs feel less heavy).  Placebo or not though, doing well is often a matter how you feel compared to the other guy.  People who show up to a race feeling fresh often ride more aggressively and keep their eyes peeled for opportunity than someone who shows up tired; they tend to look too often for a way to conserve energy, so much so that they risk passing up the winning move.

October Stats
Time: 61:56:39 hh:mm:ss
Distance: 1085.91 mi
TSS: 2481
Kilojoules: 35028

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