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October 5, 2010

First Week of Base!

by hammonjj

Well, it feels good to be done with the first week of base training for the 2011 racing season!  Think my coach has me starting early enough?  We worked through my last season of racing and training and found that I’ve never really gotten a solid block of endurance training in.  I’ve always just ridden hard, day in and day out.  So this season we decided that I would start seven weeks early, progressively working my hours up.  By the end of these seven weeks, I should have a solid aerobic engine to work with.

How did I do?  To be honest, it was rough.  I’ve always ridden short-ish rides at a hard or super easy pace, so keeping a moderate endurance pace was more of a challenge than I anticipated.  I suspect that once I get to, and finish, my first recovery week of the cycle that I’ll start feeling a lot stronger.

For the future, I plan to keep this blogging rolling on a weekly basis to, at the very least, give a quick update as to my training for the week.

The stats:
Time: 12:00:47
Miles: 224.66
Avg. Speed: 18.73
Average Wattage: 167.20
TSS: 507
Kilojoules: 7194

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