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August 17, 2010

First Weekend of Cat 3 Racing

by hammonjj

This was the most brutal weekend of racing that I’ve ever had and I got my ass kicked…….hard. I guess I should have anticipated the big guns showing up since it was the State Championship Road Race.

On the plus side, I’ve discovered two key weaknesses in my ability and am currently working those out with my coach. My two weaknesses are

1) Recovery between hard efforts
2) Short, steep climbs (less than 1min)

I’m planning on removing a few of my time trial preparation days in hopes of getting a few sessions in to work on these two issues before Steam Boat Springs Stage Race.

Sorry the posts have been incredibly short the last few weeks, but life is crazy and I’m spending all my time on the bike!!

Power Records (Pre: 8/14/10)
5min: 301
20min: 264
FTP: 250

Power Records (8/14/10)
5min: 315 +4.5%
20min: 267 +1.2%
FTP: 254 +1.5%

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