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March 29, 2010

Reshuffling the Deck

by hammonjj

This week was my first recovery week in the last month and I really needed after all of the high intensity V02 work that I’ve been doing. Now that I have a firm V02 (read: short interval/high intensity) base set and racing results to prove it, I need to refocus on raising my FTP (Functional Threshold Power).

In my most recent FTP test, I did not do any better, power wise, than last month, which was expected although disappointing. Some improvements were apparent though, mainly pacing and pedal efficiency. VI (Variability Index) for the ride was an even 1, which indicates perfect pacing. Also, average speed went up 0.7 mph, which means that, while I’m not pushing the pedals any harder, I’m delivering a more even pedal stroke which is propelling me faster.

So, I’m planning on doing two months of solid Base work and FTP building which will start with longer endurance rides as well as 4x8min FTP intervals. All this should bring me back up to par with where I should be, FTP wise, at this point in the season, I’m about 3-5 watts behind schedule.

This next weekend there’s no racing to speak of, but Lindsay and I are moving, so I’ll have to use my free time wisely in order to meet my training goals for the week. It should prove to be a fruitful week as I don’t have to worry about saving myself for racing!

Until next week!

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